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If you are performing your own online live concert, where you control all of the works being performing (both performing and publishing rights) you can obtain a simple online discretionary licence.  This can be obtained by logging into your PRS account and providing some basic details about your event.  

This licence has been revised and is no longer limited to small scale events, so it can be applied to any qualifying event irrespective of the income generated.  

Where there are multiple members performing together, such as a band, and those members collectively would be due to receive all the royalties from the individual performance, each member will need to obtain their own discretionary licence. 

The discretionary licence will be available throughout the period that the material COVID-19 related restrictions are in place for the live concert sector.

As there will be no cost for the licence, and therefore nothing for us to distribute, you do not need to submit a setlist for the event.  However, if you wish you can submit your setlist to us if you want a record of the works performed.

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