Search licensed ProDub customers

Individuals who hold a valid ProDub licence are included in our database of names.

Venues may use this database to check and ensure that DJs, fitness instructors and the performers they hire or employ are appropriately licensed.

Please note ProDub is a licence that allows individuals to COPY music, it does not constitute a PPL or PRS for Music ‘performance’ licence. It is the responsibility of the owners of the venue/premises in which the music is played to ensure that they hold the necessary performance licenses.

Caution should be used in conjunction with this database as individuals who use vinyl or CDs and who have not made copies will NOT require the ProDub Licence.

To search the database, just enter a surname in the search box below.

Note: A wildcard character (*) allows you to search on part of a name, e.g. Wood* will return Woodbridge, Woodham, Woods, etc. 


No unauthorised use of the results of any search is implied or permitted. MCPS hereby reserves all intellectual property rights which for the avoidance of doubt includes database rights.

Further information is available in our frequently asked questions section and advice can be obtained by emailing or by calling +44 (0)20 3741 4500.

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