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Public Consultation 

PRS for Music is undertaking a public consultation on the terms of Tariff LC (Live Classical) which is used to license the use of copyright music controlled by PRS for Music, at classical music concerts and recitals. The PRS for Music Code of Conduct outlines our commitments to existing and prospective licensees, including being transparent in our dealings with licensees. Where we are considering or proposing to make significant changes to a tariff or to introduce a new tariff, this includes undertaking fair, reasonable and proportionate consultations and negotiations. We aim to set reasonable terms and to apply and administer our schemes fairly and consistently.

What is the purpose of this consultation?

PRS for Music is holding this public consultation on the terms of Tariff LC following a series of informal discussions and consultations with several key stakeholders and representative bodies in the period since March 2019. This public consultation provides an opportunity for all licensees under Tariff LC, PRS members and other stakeholders with an interest in the tariff terms to give their views on the proposals developed by PRS for Music.

View the full public consultation document and the proposed PRS for Music Tariff LC.

Those wishing to respond to the consultation should complete the consultation questionnaire either by submitting a response online or by using the printable form and emailing it to by 31 December 2019, providing evidence in support of any answers.

PRS for Music will consider all responses that we receive but would ask that you follow the prescribed format in the response form, to assist us in reviewing comments efficiently and accurately.

If you are licensed under Tariff LC in multiple capacities (e.g. as a concert promoter but also as a venue owner or classical performing group), please submit separate response forms to reflect your position in each of these capacities. If you are a PRS for Music member, please answer only those questions in the response form that are relevant to you.

If you wish us to keep any of or all your response confidential, or if you wish to provide confidential data in support of your response, please indicate this clearly in the response form. We will assume that any information not marked as confidential can be made available to third parties or referred to in documents made available to the public by us. Please also indicate whether you object to us naming you in any published material which summarises or includes quotes from responses.

If you have any questions in relation to the consultation itself, responding to the consultation or any other relevant matter, please contact us at

What will happen next?

Following the deadline for submission of consultation responses, we will carry out a review of all responses received and publish a summary of these on our website.

PRS for Music will issue a summary of the responses to this consultation and make final proposals for a revision of the terms of Tariff LC before the end of 2019.

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