Local TV licence

Who needs this licence

TV channels that broadcast music controlled by us and that have been granted a Local Digital Television Programme Service (L-DTPS) by Ofcom.

What this licence covers

The UK broadcast of members’ music as part of programmes, adverts and trailers on linear TV channels.

The copying in the UK of members' music into programmes and trailers, and if necessary, MCPS Production Music in adverts.

How we calculate the licence fee

The licence fee is calculated on the basis of:

  • the size of the DPSA (Digital Preferred Service Area) of your channel
  • the use of MCPS Production Music in adverts.

2017 licence fees 

* optional
Digital Preferred Service Area (DPSA)
Licence fee 
(per annum)
Advertising fee*
(per annum)
Reach 1,500,000 or less £15,761
Reach 1,000,000 or less £12,609
Reach 750,000 or less £9,457
Reach 500,000 or less £6,305
Reach 250,000 or less £3,152

Apply for a licence

Please complete the application form and email to tvchannels@prsformusic.com or post to the following address:

Broadcast Licensing
PRS for Music
2 Pancras Square

Once we have received your application, we will assign you an account manager who will be in contact to set up your licence. For further information please contact the licensing team on +44 (0)20 3741 4151.