Reporting live performances

With our live reporting service, it couldn't be easier to claim for music you've played.

Learn how to report live performances by following our simple instructionals.


Performances into pounds
Find out how to report live performances in this short video


  1. Log in to the set list service
  2. Tell us when and where you played.
  3. Build your set list using the predictive search for each registered work.

Once you’ve created a set list, you can use it again and again, to tell us about the same performances at different venues, or on different dates. You can also adapt your set lists to add or remove songs, should your set list change. No need to search for your songs and compositions every time you make a claim.

You can report live performances from all sizes of venue, from gigs to concerts. For each, we have a time limit on your performance.

  • Gigs and Clubs: no more than one year ago
  • International performance: no more than two years ago
  • UK concert: no more than seven years ago

Read the live performances tool terms of use


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Now that you've learnt how to report live performances, you're ready to go.

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