How to amend a work

You can amend the registration details of any works where you are a rightsholder.

Any amends that are made to works will need to be validated so we might need to contact you to confirm any temporary possible match. This is usually done within three working days.

Learn how to amend a work below.


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Learn by reading. Follow this step-by-step guide on how to amend a work:

  1. Go to 'Amend an existing work' in the works registration system.
  2. Search by tune code or ISWC number for the work you'd like to update. 
  3. Make your changes. 

Please note that amending a work won't overwrite the existing work immediately. Instead, it creates a duplicate which the system will automatically merge as soon as it identifies a use of the work i.e. we track its use on the radio. 


If you are a visual learner, watch one of our amend a work how-to videos on how you can add co-writers to your works.

Please note that if you're an unpublished co-writer and someone else has already registered your work, to make sure you're paid you also need to 'authorise' your own shares by following our separate instructions.

How to add co-writers to my works


Take our short quiz to test your what you've learnt.


Now that you've worked your way through the how to amend a work module, you're ready to go.

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