How to claim unpaid royalties

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how to claim unpaid royalties


These occur if a work has been used (on TV or radio for example) but we are unable to identify who to pay the PRS royalty to. This tool allows you to:

  • View unpaid PRS royalties
  • Submit a claim
  • View your recent claims
  • Download reports

View all music with an outstanding 'copyright control' share. It also helps you track any recent registrations you have submitted. 'Copyright control' means that we know a piece of music is copyrighted, but we do not have any ownership details registered with us. The tool allows you to:

  • Search for 'copyright control' shares that have been used on audio products.
  • View recently added 'copyright control' shares, which are updated on a monthly basis.

We're unable to collect and pay royalties for works that have not been registered. We're also unable to pay royalties that we've collected if the registered work is missing publisher or share details.

Check the latest reports for any unpaid royalties

There are several ways we ensure members receive live and DJ music royalties.

However, with thousands of performances happening each day, set list information can be unavailable for some events. In these cases we ask members to send us their performance details so we can assign royalties. We compile a list, which you can check periodically. 

Check the list

You need to let us know when your music is used in an advert abroad so that we can maximise our ability to pay royalties due to you

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These are works where the writer has been identified but publisher details have not yet been confirmed.

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