Easy Life, Snapped Ankles and LibraLibra

Easy Life
Easy Life
Libra Libra perform at PRS presents July 2019
Libra Libra
Snapped Ankles perform at PRS presents July 2019
Snapped Ankles

The July 2019 edition of PRS for Music Presents featured performances from Easy Life, Libra Libra and Snapped Ankles.

The incredible line-up was an eclectic mix of sounds which the audience appreciated on a summers evening.


About the artists

Easy Life

easy life

Multi-instrumental, multi-tasking and multi-talented, here is a band of endlessly positive but lyrically open young men who appear as at home in their free-wheeling sound as they are bearing their soul. Their sound, which continues to evolve on ‘Spaceships’, seeks to join the dots between the optimistic gospel-pop of Chance The Rapper, the scattergun storytelling of Arctic Monkeys, and the velvety vibes of vintage Dilla (all through the lens of “rainy middle England”).

Snapped Ankles

snapped ankles

They came from the trees. Now settled in fertile east London, Snapped Ankles maintain the feral energy of the forest. Fight or flight. Primal motorik rhythms, the rush of white noise and post-punk angles; an aural onslaught played out on homemade log synths, electrified guitars and sticks beating hell on taut animal skin. Snapped Ankles have flourished in the sub-tropical climes of warehouse and squat parties, moving onto performance art collaborations with filmmakers and shows in unlikely locations such as barber shops, games arcades and the forests they once called home.

They plough a singular furrow at improbable angles. The woodwose have discovered electricity and they’re not afraid to use it. Snapped Ankles emerged from the woods clutching an album that feels simultaneously modern and ancient. Come Play The Trees is what dance music will sounds like when computers finally fail us. Log synths, bass guitar and sticks on taut animal skin coalesce to form fearsome primal rhythms. Fuzz guitars rubbing up against dirty rolling arpeggiated synthesisers to ignite wild white noise fires.



LibraLibra, a four piece from Brighton are a force to be reckoned with. Exotic melodies and frenetic, lyrical flows meet tribal beats and broken guitars. There is an unease in every song that leaves you hanging on to vocalist Beth Cannon’s every inflection; each new chorus cementing the ambition and talent of this intriguing bunch.

Cannon’s vocal ability has received deserved accolade throughout her career with her command of script prompting comparisons to Kate Bush and Bjork.

LibraLibra combines a melodic mastery akin to Asha Bhosle, with a lyrical flow that would leave MIA burned. The band’s mastery of their instruments creates a unique cacophony of beautiful noise whilst never detracting from the catchy melodies and infectious beats that smack you right in the holes.

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