Ligeti Quartet Concert

An online concert with the Ligeti Quartet took place on Tuesday 27 April 2021, celebrating contemporary music by PRS for Music members including Shiva Feshareki, Ben Gaunt, Robin Haigh, Laura Jurd, Anna Meredith and Ayanna Witter-Johnson.

The Ligeti Quartet have been at the forefront of contemporary music for over a decade, with a reputation for collaboration and commissioning new music. The programme showcased six composers known for bringing a range of musical influences to their work, inspired by jazz, mento, the Windrush generation, improvisation, electronics, and the natural world.

Ligeti Concert


Laura Jurd – Jump Cut Shuffle
Ben Gaunt – Tense Spellsphere
Robin Haigh – Samoyeds
Ayanna Witter-Johnson – Mento Mood
Shiva Feshareki – Venus/Zohreh
Anna Meredith – Tuggemo

Ligeti Quartet

Simmy Singh – guest violin 1
Patrick Dawkins – violin 2
Richard Jones – viola
Val Welbanks – cello

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