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Are you a producer or a vocalist making dance/electronic music? Whether you’re just starting out in your bedroom studio or you have some releases under your belt already, how good is your understanding of the music industry? PRS for Music and DJ Mag bring together a host of experienced artists, DJs and industry professionals for a series of six panels discussing everything you need to know to develop your career in dance/electronic music.

An Intro To The Business Of Dance Music

Starting to think seriously about your career in music? Everything you need to know to get your business locked down and sustain a living making music.

  • Dean Francis (Performer Account Manager, PPL)
  • Judge Jules (DJ/Producer and Entertainment Lawyer, Sheridans)
  • Megan Bean (Business Affairs & Sync, Hospital Records)
  • [Moderator] Ashley Howard (Dance Account Manager, PRS for Music)
DJ Mag Panels

Building Your Team

From managers to record labels, publishers to booking agents and lawyers to PRs, this panel will talk about the different people and organisations you’ll need to work with to help you make the right decisions and get the most out of your career in music.

  • Adrienne Bookbinder (Publishing & Repertoire Manager, Defected Records/Defected Music)
  • Steven Braines (Founder, The Weird & The Wonderful)
  • Ridney (DJ, Producer, Cafe Mambo resident, Broadcaster)
  • [Moderator] Ashley Howard (Dance Account Manager, PRS for Music)
DJ Mag Panels

Raising Your Profile and Building a Fanbase

Marketing yourself as an artist and promoting your music. What are the best ways to make a name for yourself?

  • Metrik (DJ/Producer, Hospital Records)
  • Duncan Byrne (Marketing Director, Anjunabeats / Involved Management)
  • Dresden Leitner (Head of Press, BIGBOX)
  • [Moderator] Carl Loben (Editor, DJ Mag)
DJ Mag Panels

How To Make Money Out Of Your Music

How to ensure you are rewarded for the music you make and understanding the different income streams that are available to creators of dance music.

  • Dom Kerley (VP of Artists, Content & Labels, Label Worx)
  • Pete Bott (Senior Associate Solicitor (Sound Advice)
  • Shino Allen (Managing Director, Tsumi)
  • [Moderator] Ashley Howard (Dance Account Manager, PRS for Music)
DJ Mag Panels

Health and Wellbeing in Dance Music

How does the dance music industry look after itself? Who is responsible for the health and wellbeing of artists and DJs? How is dance music addressing issues around equal opportunities and diversity?

  • Christine Brown (Director of External Affairs, Help Musicians UK)
  • Ben Pearce (DJ, Producer and Label/Management Agency Co-Founder)
  • Amanda Maxwell (Programmer, Boiler Room / Board Member,
  • Stuart Glen (Co-Founder, The Cause)
  • [Moderator] Carly Wilford (DJ, Presenter, Content Curator & Creator of SISTER Collective)
DJ Mag Panels

Demystifying DJ/Live Royalties and the Role of Technology

Where do royalties come from when your music is played live or by a DJ and how does this money get paid out? What are the key things that DJs and music creators need to know and how is technology being used to assist with these processes?

  • Yuri Dokter (Founder/CEO, DJ Monitor)
  • Martin Maguire (Membership Development Manager (Live), PRS for Music)
  • DJ S.K.T (DJ/Producer/Label Manager)
  • Matthias De Rouck (Head of Publishing at Songs In The Key Of Knife / Hospital Records Limited)
  • [Moderator] Ashley Howard (Dance Account Manager, PRS for Music)
DJ Mag Panels
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