Our values

For over 110 years   we've proudly protected the rights of our songwriters, composers and publishers, championed the true value of music and provided the best possible support and service for our members. As we look forward, we're positively embracing change and innovation while maintaining our commitment to creating a secure future for both our members and music itself.

At PRS for Music we’ve adopted five key values that represent what we stand for and strive to achieve on a day-to-day basis — you can find out more about these values below.



In an evolving world, we’re continuing to defend our members’ rights and support their work however we can. We're also endeavouring to be at the forefront of change by embracing innovation and boldly taking the lead when it comes to moving the global music landscape forward.

customer first

Service Excellence

We work on behalf of a range of stakeholders, including our members, our licensees and the wider collecting society network. We always look at things from our customers’ point of view in order to understand their needs and deliver the best service possible.



We respect and embrace difference at PRS. We always endeavour to ensure that everyone’s perspective is heard to capitalise on the different skills, styles and sensibilities of our employees, members and licensees.



We're a membership collective and service provider that demonstrably upholds our principles every day. We strive to balance the needs of our members with those of our licensees and partners, with our steadfast belief in the importance of fairness informing everything we do.



Music thrives off partnerships. At PRS, we understand that collaboration makes us stronger: when we work together as a team, we can be even more effective and efficient.

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