MCPS Board

The Mechanical-Copyright Protection Society (MCPS) is owned by the Music Publishers Association (MPA). The MCPS Board consists of ten directors as follows:

  • Six publisher directors, comprising three major publishers and three independent publishers, nominated by the members of the MPA and elected by the MPA Board
  • One writer director who must be a member of MCPS, a full writer member of PRS, and who is nominated by The Ivors Academy
  • Two external directors
  • One executive director of MCPS

Non-Statutory Chair

Jackie Alway
Universal Music

Executive Director

Paul Clements

Publisher Directors

Chris Butler

Will Downs

Alex Kassner

Chris Butler
Wise Music

Will Downs
Sony/ATV Music Publishing

Alexander Kassner
Kassner Music


Mike Lavin

John Minch

Simon Platz

Mike Lavin
Warner/Chappell Music Publishing Ltd

John Minch

Simon Platz
Bucks Music

Writer Director

Julian nott

Julian Nott

External Directors

richard constant

simon watt

Kim Shillinglaw

Simon Bolton

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