Executive Board

PRS for Music Ltd has a separate board, the Executive Board, which provides direction for its strategy, operations and performance. This Board meets regularly throughout the year and is supported by its own Articles of Association.

The Executive Board consists of directors drawn from the Performing Right Society (PRS) Board, both songwriters and publishers, as well as external directors. The Executive Board comprises:

  • four publisher directors
  • four writer directors
  • four external directors (one of whom is Chairman)
  • an ex officio director - the PRS Board Chairman
  • an executive director (Chief Executive Officer)

Directors are appointed by the PRS Board. Their term of office lasts four years. At the end of each term a director is required to retire and may stand for re-appointment.


Stephen Davidson
External Director


Writer Directors

Crispin Hunt
Simon Darlow
Crispin Hunt
Mick Leeson
Julian Nott


Publisher Directors

Jackie Alway
Universal Music Publishing
William Booth
Sony/ATV EMI Music Publishing
Chris Butler
Music Sales
John Minch
Imagem UK


External Directors

Paul Mitchell
Mark Poole


Director (ex officio)

Nigel Elderton
Nigel Elderton
Chairman of the PRS Board


Executive Director

Robert Ashcroft