The Executive Board is supported by committees that comprise director members from the PRS, Executive and MCPS Boards. They meet regularly throughout the year and operate according to terms of reference and mandates that have been approved by the Executive Board.

Licensing Committee

Remit includes: licensing schemes and deals.

Decision-making by the Licensing Committee is informed by the work of four Advisory Groups:

  • Audit Services
  • Commercial 
  • Independent Music Publishers' E-Licensing (IMPEL)
  • Production Music

Distribution Committee

Remit includes: royalties distribution policy and delivery.

Audit Committee

Remit includes: financial matters, organisational control and risk management.

Nomination and Remuneration Committee

Remit includes: succession planning, appointment and remuneration of senior executives.

Conflicts Committee

Remit includes: providing guidance to the Executive Board and PRS Board on specific conflicts.