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Music registration policy

Works should be registered by our members. A registered work will identify the:

  • work's title
  • its writer or writers
  • its publisher
  • share of royalties (what percentage is going to the writer/s and publisher).

The responsibility for registering music and amending registrations lies with:

  • writers, when the music is unpublished OR the publisher is not a PRS for Music member
  • publishers, publishing music on behalf of their writers
  • all parties, when the musical work has been co-written/co-published, and so each party should include information about the other parties involved

Registrations are generally set up on our works database within two working days.

If a work is subject to a conflict, such as a sample or duplicate claims, then the relevant Duplicate Claims and Disputes, Samples and Infringement policies apply.

PRS royalties

50% writer minimum – writer(s) will be credited with no less than 50% of the overall royalty.

50/50 default – if division of royalties not specified, 50% will default to the writer and 50% to the publisher.

Original society rules – if a piece of music is registered that originates in an affiliated society, PRS will follow the instructions of that society in dividing the royalties between the interested parties.

MCPS royalties

Published music - MCPS pays 100% of the royalties to the publisher

Unpublished music – 100% of the royalties paid to the writer(s) with MCPS membership

Duplicate claims rules – if royalty entitlement or control is disputed by two or more conflicting claims, MCPS will follow its Duplicate Claims Rules and Procedures

If you feel that any information on an existing registration or agreement needs to be reviewed, please contact us.

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