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What is Soundmouse?

Soundmouse is a company that provides music reporting services to the broadcasting industry. They develop and provide software that reports music usage directly to broadcasters and collecting societies for them to identify the use of the rights owners’ copyright material on radio, TV, online and across other media.

What services do they offer?

Using Music Recognition Technology (MRT), Soundmouse listens to key television and radio broadcasts in the UK and across the world to track where our members’ music has been used. It monitors and reports performances across 125 domestic radio stations, as well as international TV & radio stations. Soundmouse also offers cue sheet services on behalf of broadcaster clients.

In 2018, 26,918,252 usages were paid as a result of the MRT services from Soundmouse.

What are the benefits to members?

If you are a member, you can upload your music to Soundmouse to make sure that your repertoire is included in the reports Soundmouse make to broadcasters and collecting societies, meaning more accurate distributions for the TV channels and radio stations monitored. Soundmouse is also used to report performances for niche broadcasters or online services where reporting is often problematic.

What territories do they cover?

Soundmouse covers several territories around the world, including Ireland, Australia, USA, Denmark, Canada, Sweden, Italy, the Netherlands, South Korea and Japan. They also analyse broadcast data from 30 channels in three territories: USA with 10 television channels and France and Germany with 5 radio and 5 television channels each.

Should I join Soundmouse?

Yes – if you’re a member and your music is broadcast in the UK or one of the territories listed above, set up a free account and upload the sound recordings and associated rights information to Soundmouse. We have our own systems and try to match your music as best we can, however, to make sure we’re paying out your royalties as accurately as possible, we enlist the help of Soundmouse and their music recognition technology to fill in any gaps.

I have written music for production music libraries. Should I upload my tracks to Soundmouse?

Most production music libraries will already have music accounts and should be uploading your track data. Please check with them to make they are. Any music you have created which is specifically commissioned for adverts, film and TV that sits outside your library work should be supplied to Soundmouse directly.

It’s important to note that some societies rely completely on Soundmouse’s technology to identify music used on TV and radio, these include:

ASCAP – they solely use Soundmouse to identify music used in radio commercials, public service announcements, short form infomercials, movie trailers (not monitored by Numerator), TV commercials (not monitored by Numerator) and promos not on ABC, CBS, NBC, FOX, CW, Univision, HBO, Cinemax or Showtime.

GEMA – uses Soundmouse to identify music used on TV commercials for selected channels.

IMRO - uses Soundmouse to identify radio commercials for selected channels.

APRA – uses Soundmouse to identify music used on all TV commercials.

This means that if you do not have a Soundmouse account and you have not uploaded your audio files, you will not receive a payment for the usages above.

How much does it cost?

Signing up to Soundmouse account is free.

How do I join Soundmouse?

Set up a free account with Soundmouse by emailing

Account sign up process:

Please email with the subject line: “Music manager account creation request for PRS for Music commercial performances”. You will need to provide your name and CAE number.

What do I need to provide?

When you have received your account invite and logged in, you will need to upload your audio files. Each recording you upload, should relate to a work registration. You can have multiple recordings or edits that relate to the one registration e.g. a jingle package with multiple versions of the same track.

Please provide the following for each track:

  • Library label name (name of data supplier - this can be an individual or company name)
  • Audio file name incl. file extension (unique identifier) in as high a quality as possible (see below)
  • Track title (should be the same as when you registered the track with us)
  • PRS for Music tunecode
  • ISWC (recommended)
  • Composer and publisher name(s) including society affiliations
  • Label name (if a commercial recording, then indicate record label here. If not, then insert name of data supplier as per library label name)

A data template is available for download once inside your Soundmouse account.

Audio format:

MP3 320kbps is suitable, but you can upload higher resolution files (WAV or AIF) if you like.

Who can I contact for help?

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