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  1. 13 Feb 2009

    Robbie and Kylie voted as Top Valentines Dates

    Also revealed - Top 10 Love Making Songs

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  2. 12 Feb 2009

    PRS for Music announces Beatport licensing deal

    PRS for Music has announced that it has signed a licensing deal with leading music download store Beatport.

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  3. 2 Feb 2009

    Top 10 Snow Songs

    With some of the heaviest snow falling in living memory, PRS for Music announces the top 10 songs about snow to celebrate this magical occasion.

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  4. 27 Jan 2009

    Retired rockers and iPods grow music market

    73% of the population listen to more music than five years ago

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  5. 26 Jan 2009

    Music survives recession but partners don’t

    Music survives recession but partners don’t

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  6. 19 Jan 2009

    PRS for Music financial results 2008 

    Record revenues for UK songwriters and composers

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  7. 19 Jan 2009

    PRS for Music licenses Amazon MP3 service

    PRS for Music has announced that they have signed a licensing deal for download store

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  8. 19 Jan 2009

    PRS for Music in multi-territory licensing initiative

    High profile independent publishers choose PRS for Music

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  9. 19 Jan 2009

    MCPS-PRS Alliance launches as PRS for Music

    60,000 song writers and composers find a new voice

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  10. 17 Jan 2009

    Qtrax signs pan-European deal with PRS for Music

    PRS for Music (previously known as the MCPS-PRS Alliance) has announced today they have signed a pan-European licence deal with Qtrax, the world’s first free and legal peer-to-peer (P2P) digital music site. 

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