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  1. 2 Mar 2009

    PRS for Music Joins the British Music Experience

    60,000 song writers, composers and publishers get behind the BME

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  2. 1 Mar 2009

    PRS for Music Statement in relation to Google/YouTube

    PRS for Music is outraged on behalf of consumers and songwriters.

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  3. 27 Feb 2009

    Dusty Springfield download chart 2008

    It’s the 10 year anniversary of Dusty Springfield’s death on the 2nd of March.

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  4. 18 Feb 2009

    PRS for Music Reduces Tariff for Small Businesses

    Workplaces with 4 or fewer people now pay £44 after consultation with Federation of Small Businesses

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  5. 17 Feb 2009

    The Brits abroad win big

    An analysis of where UK music is being used shows true reach of BRIT nominees

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  6. 13 Feb 2009

    Robbie and Kylie voted as Top Valentines Dates

    Also revealed - Top 10 Love Making Songs

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  7. 12 Feb 2009

    PRS for Music announces Beatport licensing deal

    PRS for Music has announced that it has signed a licensing deal with leading music download store Beatport.

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  8. 2 Feb 2009

    Top 10 Snow Songs

    With some of the heaviest snow falling in living memory, PRS for Music announces the top 10 songs about snow to celebrate this magical occasion.

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  9. 27 Jan 2009

    Retired rockers and iPods grow music market

    73% of the population listen to more music than five years ago

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  10. 26 Jan 2009

    Music survives recession but partners don’t

    Music survives recession but partners don’t

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