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  1. 4 Aug 2010

    PRS For Music adds up the industry

    UK Music success abroad helps drive growth, as recorded sales flatten and the live boom cools

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  2. 19 Jul 2010

    PRS for Music extends live music consultation

    Last month PRS for Music announced the start of a formal customer consultation on its royalty rates for popular music events in the UK.

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  3. 13 Jul 2010

    PRS for Music release paper to move Digital Britain forward without leaving creators behind

    Introducing incentives through compensation could provide a framework for a solution to the piracy problem

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  4. 7 Jul 2010

    Moving Digital Britain Forward Without Leaving Creative Britain Behind

    The paper is an economic insight paper and PRS for Music’s contribution to the debate on taking Digital Britain forward

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  5. 7 Jul 2010

    Music Makeover Pub Winners Announced

    PRS for Music today announces the two winners of its Music Makeover competition

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  6. 1 Jul 2010

    UK Songwriting Talent Earning In 155 Countries

    PRS for Music reports international income has more than doubled in the last decade

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  7. 16 Jun 2010

    Chip Shop United from Bristol win Sing Up England

    PRS for Music’s nationwide World Cup competition

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  8. 14 Jun 2010

    PRS for Music launches live music consultation

    A commitment to reduce rates for small venues and mixed arts festivals

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  9. 4 Jun 2010

    PRS for Music honours Snow Patrol's first gig

    Legendary rock group Snow Patrol have been honoured by the PRS for Music Heritage Award.

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  10. 2 Jun 2010

    PRS for Music honours Elton John's first gig

    One of the nation’s most-loved musicians and successful artists of all time - Sir Elton John – has been honoured by a PRS for Music Heritage Award.

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