PRS for Music launches nationwide competition to help local music venues

Back to Live Music Venue Prize celebrates the return of live music, offering local venues the chance to win £10,000 towards improving live music facilities for the community, music creators, performers, and music fans

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PRS for Music, the organisation that represents over 160,000 songwriters, composers, and music publishers across the UK, has today launched its Back to Live Music Venue Prize. The nationwide competition will offer independent live music venues across the UK the chance to win one of six regional prizes of up to £10,000, helping to improve live music experiences for the local community, music creators, performers, and music fans.

Independent live music venues are pivotal, not only in the music industry ecosystem, but within local communities, providing cultural spaces that inspire the next generation of singer-songwriters. The devastating impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on the live music sector and music creators has been well-documented; between 2019 and 2021, PRS for Music saw an 84% decline in the number of live performance setlists reported to the organisation, falling from 124,000 in 2019, to 19,300 in 2021.*

With restrictions being lifted across the UK, music creators are eager to get back on stage and fans to once again enjoy live music. PRS for Music looks to support these venues on the road to recovery, as the sound of live music makes hearts beat and ears ring once more, bigger, and bolder than ever before.

PRS for Music’s Back to Live Music Venue Prize competition will run throughout the year and is open to independent live music venues that are not part of a national brand. Venues can be bespoke music venues or be part of another business such as a pub or bar, as long as they had an established standalone live music offering before the COVID-19 pandemic.

Judges are looking for live music venues at the heart of their communities in which the £10,000 prize will make a real difference to the venue, music fans, and local music creators.

To enter the competition, applicants must detail how the prize money would be spent, and what it would mean for their business to win. The judging panel will be made up of leading figures and representatives from across the music, arts, and hospitality sectors.


Back to Live Music Venue Prize will shine a light on independent music venues across the UK. Venues play such an important part in the music industry ecosystem, with many featuring live performances by emerging talented songwriters and composers. We look forward to music creators once again taking the stage, and revelling in the joy that live music brings with it. Last year, we launched our 'On with the Show' campaign to support our members returning to performing live, this initiative builds on that to ensure we can enjoy that live music.

Andrea Czapary Martin, CEO, PRS for Music

About PRS for Music

Here for music since 1914, PRS for Music is a world-leading music collective management organisation representing the rights of more than 175,000 talented songwriters, composers and music publishers. Redefining the global standard for music royalties, PRS for Music ensures songwriters and composers are paid whenever their musical compositions and songs are streamed, downloaded, broadcast, performed and played in public. 

For 110 years it has grown and protected the rights of the music creator community, paying out royalties with more accuracy, transparency and speed. In 2023, PRS for Music paid out £943.6m in royalties and collected a record £1.08 billion in revenues.

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