PRS for Music launches royalty dashboard for music creators

Above: PRS for Music analytics dashboard
  • Unlocks a wealth of royalty data and analytics for songwriters, composers and publishers
  • Provides trend analysis by song/composition, by revenue type and territory
  • Empowers music creators to learn more about how and where their music is being used
  • Available to every PRS member to support their career and help maximise royalty income

PRS for Music members now have access to comprehensive analytics, data and insights into how their music is performing through a new dashboard.

As of today, the new dashboard is available to every member through their PRS for Music account.

Songwriters, composers and music publishers can now view how their songs and compositions are performing across every revenue stream and international territory at a glance. Whether tracks are streamed, downloaded, broadcast, played in businesses, or performed live around the world, the new dashboard helps to build a comprehensive picture of when and how royalties are being generated.

Comparison functionality means music creators can select multiple songs and compositions and analyse how they are performing against each other by revenue source and territory. Timeline capability also allows users to view plays and performances across specific time periods, enabling members to build a holistic picture of their royalties.

The new dashboard is an invaluable service for music creators and music management teams. Informed data can support career choices, touring decisions and open new markets to songwriter, composer and publisher members.


The tool will make administering PRS statements so much more streamlined, from seeing the data you need quickly and in one place, to drilling down into that data and being able to find the required detail. I know some of my suggestions during the trial were taken on board and implemented, which is encouraging to see.

Music industry consultant Maria Forte, who has worked with Radiohead and Iron Maiden

We’re delighted that the new analytics service enables our members to interrogate the global usage of their music in an innovative way. We worked closely with them when building the new application and believe that our continued improvement to our digital offering will ensure that PRS remains one of the leading performing rights organisations in the world.

Claire Jarvis, Director of Membership at PRS for Music

PRS for Music members will benefit hugely from the new analytics dashboard. As a member myself, I believe that the tool will revolutionise the way we interact with our royalty data.

Simon Darlow, PRS Deputy Chairman and accomplished songwriter, who has worked with artists such as Grace Jones, Toyah Wilcox and The Buggles

PRS for Music tracks trillions of uses of music every year from streaming services, downloads, public performance, broadcast and live shows in over 150 countries. 

Over 500 set lists are submitted to PRS for Music every single day and in 2018, over 500,000 new songs and compositions were registered with the organisation. 

View the tutorial video for a step-by-step guide on how the analytics dashboard works.

For media enquiries and further information, please contact:

Faye Ducker, Membership Communications Manager, PRS for Music 
020 3741 4395 /

About PRS for Music

PRS for Music represents the rights of songwriters, composers and music publishers in the UK and around the world. As a membership organisation it works to ensure that creators are paid whenever their musical compositions and songs are streamed, downloaded, broadcast, performed and played in public. With over 100 representation agreements in place globally, PRS for Music's network represents over two million music creators worldwide. In 2018, 11.2 trillion performances of music were reported to PRS for Music with £746m collected on behalf of its members, making it one of the world’s leading music collective management organisations.

PRS for Music’s public performance licensing is now carried out on PRS for Music’s behalf by PPL PRS Ltd, the joint venture between PPL and PRS for Music.

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