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Annual awards sponsored by PRS for Music

A crowd at the Production Music Awards 2018

The best and brightest creative talents in the production music industry came out in force on Friday evening to attend this year’s Production Music Awards. Hosted by the Production Music Awards in association with MCPS Production Music at the Ballroom, on 8 Northumberland Avenue in London, the awards celebrated the most important and influential creators and their works within the production music industry.

Music used in the latest advertising campaigns, films and television programmes were judged by a panel of 30 experts from across the industry who assessed entries based on composition, originality, production quality, and fit to moving image. Across 20 categories, 13 composition winners and seven sync winners were chosen, while a new award, the PRS Foundation Award for Best Newcomer, was also presented to composer Tim Benjamin (JW Media Music LTD).

For the full list of winners by category see below.

From rock, to ambient, world, hip-hop and folk, to electronic, pop and jazz, the Production Music Awards champion a wide range of genres and cover a cross-section of media platforms including, online viral ad campaigns, drama and factual television, and feature film.


The Production Music Awards is such a great event, and this year once again it has shone the spotlight on the top shelf talent we enjoy in our business – writers, artists, producers, publishers, all working in concert – as well as the quality of their craft and diversity of style and creativity. Congratulations to all of the winners and nominees, who exemplify professionalism in production music and raise the standard of competition each year.

Simon James, Head of MCPS Production Music

The Production Music Awards were held in association with MCPS Production Music and sponsored by PRS for Music, PRS Foundation, The Musicians’ Union, Spitfire Audio and production collective, WMP.

2017 Production Music Awards Winners:


Key: Name of track // Music Library // Composer(s)

  • Best Ambient / Minimalist Production Music Track: Drift Towards Pluto // Universal Publishing Production Music // Andrew Michael Britton, David Stephen Goldsmith & Michael Edward Rowe
  • Best Contemporary Classical Production Music Track: Things We Love // Extreme Music // Stefano Ruggeri, Rachel Wood & Tony Morley 
  • Best Dance Production Music Track: Build Fire // Extreme Music // Nick Kingsley & Jade Pybus
  • Best Electronic Production Music Track: Don't You Wanna // Bam Library // Thomas Didier & Bastien Deshayes
  • Best Folk Production Music Track: Calm Me Down // Universal Publishing Production Music // Adam Connor & Benjamin Ian Cocks
  • Best Hip Hop / Rap / Urban Production Music Track: This Is How We Do // JW Media Music Ltd // Hayley Briasco 
  • Best Jazz Production Music Track: Blues for Jack // Extreme Music // Dr. Steven Trip & Larry Klein
  • Best Pop Production Music Track: Dance // Universal Publishing Production Music // Christopher Lewis & Vance Westlake
  • Best Rock Production Music Track: No Love // Extreme Music // TJ Stafford, Michael Smidi Smith & Russell Emanuel
  • Best Score Production Music Track: Mermaid Stories // Focus Music // Adam Saunders & Mark Stephen Cousins
  • Best Trailer Production Music Track: Injection // Cavendish Music // Glenn Herweijer, Ben Sumne & Nicholas Hill
  • Best World Production Music Track: African Safari // JW Media Music Ltd // James Parkey
  • Best Wildcard Production Music Track: Call The Shots // Universal Publishing Production Music // Louise Bernadette Dowd & Antoinette Halliday 


Key: Name of track // Sync (i.e. what was the track used on) // Music Library // Composer(s)

  • Best use of Production Music in Television Advertising: Fire Island // OVO Energy // Focus Music // Robert J Walsh, Ron Dante & Ted Perlman
  • Best use of Production Music in Television Factual: Sleeping // Chef’s Table // Cavendish Music // Beatrix Benedict
  • Best use of Production Music in a Sports Promo: Stomper // Women’s Sport on BT Sport // Cavendish Music // Lawrence Mau-Yip Wong
  • Best use of Production Music in a Television Trailer: Deceit & Betrayal // Music Of The Mind Trailer // Audiomachine // Harry Lightfoot
  • Best use of Production Music in a Film Trailer: Life on the Line // Elle UK Trailer // Universal Publishing Production Music // Carl Harms and David James Elliot
  • Best use of Production Music in a Game Trailer: Final Frontier // EVE Online Trailer // Extreme Music // Thomas Bergersen
  • Best use of Production Music in Digital / Online Advertising: The Art of Progress // Mertell // SuperPitch // Nicolas Martin & Robin Leclair

The PRS Foundation Award for Best Newcomer: 

  • Composer Tim Benjamin (Library: JW Media Music Ltd)

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