PRS for Music offers advice to Liverpool's songwriters and composers at local event

PRS for Music is visiting Liverpool to offer a free event for local music creators.

  • Free-to-attend evening sees experts from across the music industry share advice and knowledge
  • Event to include panel on songwriting and how to get your music heard and monetised
  • PRS for Music Presents: Industry panel to be followed by live performance from local talent Her’s and The Vryll Society

Following a string of successful panels in Manchester, Newcastle and Sheffield last year, ‘How to Make Your Music Pay’ will take place at FACT, in the heart of the independent Ropewalks quarter, on Monday 15 May.

Across two panels, industry professionals with hands-on experience will provide guidance and help music creators gain knowledge and understanding about the music business. Attendees will learn about the importance of protecting their music rights, as well as the various ways that creating music can help to generate an income.

How To: Create Your Masterpiece panellists will be discussing the journey of a song; from the initial idea for a tune, a beat, a title, or a complete work, through to copyright and the unwritten rules of songwriting and finally, the importance of quality and fit-for-purpose production.

The second panel, How To: Get Your Song Played And Paid, will focus on generating exposure across radio, TV and the media, building a fan base and setting the foundations for a successful career in music.


These panels are designed with composers and songwriters at every point in their careers in mind – whether you’ve just written your first song or your fiftieth. As a membership organisation, PRS for Music doesn’t just collect royalties on your behalf, we’re also here for creators to turn to for advice and education on the music business.

Daniel Jones, PRS for Music’s Education & Outreach Manager for the North of England

While the event is free, space is limited so please ensure you book a space online if you wish to attend. Both non-members and PRS for Music members are encouraged to attend.

Panel attendees will also have the opportunity to network and see PRS for Music members Her’s (Line of Best Fit) and The Vryll Society (BBC) perform at a special PRS Presents gig. See below for further information.

Event details

6:15pm – 7:15pm: Panel - How To: Create Your Masterpiece

Technology today means almost anyone can make a decent sounding home recording. However there’s still a huge difference between a homemade demo and a professionally produced and mixed studio recording. And despite all the innovations, a good song will always be key. This panel will discuss the journey of a song, from its inception, through the recording process on to career defining masterpiece status.


  • Daniel Jones (PRS for Music) - Moderator
  • Steve Levine (Record Producer)
  • Dave McCabe (Songwriter/The Zutons)
  • Natalie McCool (Songwriter)
  • Elizabeth Sills (PRS Foundation)

7:30pm – 8:45pm: Panel - How To: Get Your Song Played And Paid

You’ve created your masterpiece, but now comes the challenge of getting audiences to actually hear your songs and making money from them. In the age of streaming services and curated playlists, is radio still key for up-and-coming artists? What qualities are music supervisors looking for in a song to place it on a TV show? Is getting press still key for breaking an artist? And what are the different revenue streams for songwriters in the digital age? These are just some of the questions we’ll be exploring on this panel.


  • Daniel Jones (PRS for Music) - Moderator
  • Karen Buse (PRS for Music)
  • Dave Monks (Radio Presenter at BBC Introducing Merseyside)
  • Kate Blakemore (Music Supervisor at Lime Pictures)
  • Hattie Pearson (Radio Presenter at Key 103, DJ, Manager)
  • Craig Pennington (Editor of Bido Lito! Magazine)

8:45pm – 11:00pm – Gig & Networking

Following the panels, the evening continues with a gig nearby at Leaf, on Bold Street. If you would like to attend the gig, please select the ticket that includes PRS for Music Presents. We will have local members The Vryll Society and Her's performing.

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