Public Service Broadcasting share insights at The Great Escape

PPL, PRS for Music and PRS for Music Foundation join forces at The Great Escape Festival in Brighton

A performer at The Great Escape

On Friday 20 May at The Great Escape Festival in Brighton, Public Service Broadcasting (PSB), the brainchild of J. Willgoose, Esq., along with drummer Wrigglesworth, will give artists, songwriters and performers the inside track on how they have developed their offbeat ideas into Top 40 records and powerful live propositions. Hosted by PPL, PRS for Music and the PRS for Music Foundation, the panel, entitled ‘Creating a Unique Sound and Show’, will be open to all delegates attending the festival.

On a quest to inform, educate and entertain audiences around the globe since 2009, PSB weave samples from old public information films and archive footage around live drums, guitar and electronics to create spellbinding albums. Vintage TV sets and state-of-the-art video projection devices help them re-create their unique sound in jaw dropping live performances.

J. Willgoose, Esq. will be joined on-stage by key members of his live, label and management team who’ve helped realise his ambitions. He will also discuss how he’s accessed vital funding opportunities including PRS Foundation’s Momentum Music Fund and International Showcase Fund to further his career.

Panellists on the day will also include Ritu Morton (Six07 Press), David Manders (Liquid Management/Test Card Recordings/Liquid Records) and independent industry commentator James Endeacott (1965 Records/A&R expert). PPL Consultant Keith Harris will chair.

The ‘Creating a Unique Sound and Show’ panel will take place at The Great Escape Festival, Friday 20 May 2016 at 12.30pm in the Old Courtroom and is a must for all artists, songwriters and performers looking to stand out from the crowd and anyone involved in launching new acts.


It’s great to be at The Great Escape teaming up with PRS for Music, PPL and PRS Foundation to talk about what it takes to stand out in the music business. British music continues to thrive on both a local and international scale, and it’s vital that new and upcoming artists, songwriters and performers have the opportunity to reach their true potential and be as ambitious as they’d like to be. We’ve had some great support from the PRS Momentum Music Fund as well as other grants, and I look forward to discussing all the issues involved with the other panel members.

Public Service Broadcasting’s J. Willgoose, Esq.

This is a great chance for emerging and established artists alike, and anyone involved in supporting these performers, to come and hear first-hand from Public Service Broadcasting on how they managed to stay true to their unique vision and still achieve great commercial success. Experts on the panel will also be on hand to give a 360° perspective on what it takes to make it as an artist today.

PPL Consultant and panel Chair, Keith Harris

Public Service Broadcasting’s success demonstrates how independent artists can take control, build an exciting career and create music which is acclaimed by critics and fans across the world. We helped PSB to achieve this by supporting their Top 20 album ‘Race for Space’ through our Momentum Music Fund which we run using public funding from Arts Council England and in association with Spotify. Since 2013, Momentum has supported over 120 artists who are developing their career on their own terms, often with support from their independent labels and teams. I’m sure PSB’s insights will be an inspiration for current and future applicants to Momentum and other funds we manage at PRS for Music Foundation. I look forward to hearing their insights.

PRS for Music Foundation’s Executive Director Vanessa Reed

PRS for Music is thrilled to be a part of The Great Escape Festival once again. The Great Escape continues to grow every year, showcasing some of the most exciting new talent, many of whom are PRS for Music members. This year, we are collaborating with PPL and the PRS for Music Foundation to curate an exclusive panel, and are delighted to be providing insights into the makings of a unique live performance. We look forward to seeing everyone at The Old Courtroom on Friday.

PRS for Music’s Executive Director of Membership and International, Karen Buse

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