PRS for Music announces new appointments to Executive Board

Lord Michael Grade and Paul Mitchell join as External Directors

PRS for Music Directors including Paul Mitchell

PRS for Music today announces the appointment of two new external directors to the Executive Board. Lord Michael Grade and Paul Mitchell replace Wanda Goldwag and Estelle Morris, who stood down at this year’s PRS for Music AGM at the end of their term.

Lord Michael Grade has had a leading role in the media world during the last 40 years. He sits in the House of Lords as a Conservative Peer and has been a vocal advocate for the protection of copyright.

His career in television is unparalleled as he has had both programme content roles and managerial roles in ITV, Channel 4 and the BBC. He has a high public profile and commands attention in this arena. His career started in artist management and has a background of protecting artists’ interests.

Paul Mitchell spent his entire career in copyright, publishing and commercial law. He is a recently retired partner at Taylor Wessing, a leading media rights firm. He has acted for a number of authors, composers, performers and music publishers as well as collecting societies.

Paul chaired the British Copyright Council for eight years and has been a trustee of the Copyright Society of the USA. He was also a director of the Rambert Dance Company, and is currently a director of the Dancers Career Development society. He acted for the Roald Dahl Trust for a number of years, and now chairs the Roald Dahl Museum and Story Centre, having been a trustee since 2010.


The appointment of two highly experienced Directors with such strong links to the copyright environment is a genuine delight. The music industry is experiencing unprecedented change. I welcome the counsel of Lord Michael Grade and Paul Mitchell and the insight they will contribute to the business so we can drive PRS forward in this fast paced digital economy.

Stephen Davidson, Chair of the Executive Board

About PRS for Music

PRS for Music represents the rights of over 160,000 songwriters, composers, and music publishers in the UK and around the world. On behalf of its members, it works diligently to grow and protect the value of their rights and ensure that creators are paid transparently and efficiently whenever their musical compositions and songs are streamed, downloaded, broadcast, performed and played in public. In 2021, 27 trillion performances of music were reported to PRS for Music with £677.2m paid out in royalties to its members, making it one of the world’s leading music collective management organisations.

PRS for Music’s public performance licensing is now carried out on PRS for Music’s behalf by PPL PRS Ltd, the joint venture between PPL and PRS for Music.

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