PRS for Music launches Sound Makeover Competition

UK’s hair and beauty salons encouraged to show off their potential and enter ‘Sound Makeover 2014'

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Would you like to set your salon apart from the competition using music? Then PRS for Music needs you. The organisation that represents over 100,000 songwriters and composers is offering salon managers and owners across the UK the chance to improve their sound and music facilities as it launches the ‘Sound Makeover 2014’ competition.

The prize money of £5,000 will enable one lucky salon to kit out their establishment with top of the range sound and music equipment. Two runners up will also receive £1,000 each towards their own sound system.

Salons all across the UK can enter by logging onto Entries close October 31st 2014 (T&Cs apply). 

The judging panel comprises PRS for Music Director of Public Performance Sales, Paul Clements, renowned record producer and sound expert, Steve Levine and David Morris, MP for Morecambe and Lunesdale, PRS for Music songwriter, and member of the Hairdressing Council. The competition is also endorsed by award winning music consultancy agency, Music Concierge who is on hand to give expert advice to the winners.


There are many simple ways in which salon owners can enhance their music quality. Small tweaks can make a huge impact on the popularity of your salon - through music.

Steve Levine

Before entering Parliament, I worked in the hairdressing business for 28 years and fully appreciate the immense business value that music brings to salons – getting the sound right is a vital aspect which can sometimes be overlooked. I strongly welcome this initiative and look forward to judging the entries.

avid Morris, MP for Morecambe and Lunesdale, PRS for Music songwriter, and member of the Hairdressing Council

If you needed further encouragement to enter, research* undertaken by PRS for Music found that 90% of salon owners agree that playing the right music can be beneficial to their business. Also 80% of customers would like to hear music when visiting a salon and a further 81% agreed that playing music puts staff in a happier mood.


Many salons compete in an environment where distinguishing their service can be a tricky task. Making music a feature in your salon can have excellent benefits and help you to stand out from the rest. This competition also gives something back to our important licensees and helps them to support an important British music eco-system.

PRS for Music’s Paul Clements

Creating small bursts of customer delight as they hear something brilliant and unexpected is a very powerful way of building loyalty and word-of-mouth promotion. By using music creatively a salon can produce a unique and special experience for its customers.

Rob Wood, Founder, Music Concierge

Notes to Editors

* MusicWorks is a joint research initiative between PPL and PRS for Music to demonstrate the positive effects of music and the benefits it can bring to businesses.

About PRS for Music

Here for music since 1914, PRS for Music is a world-leading music collective management organisation representing the rights of more than 175,000 talented songwriters, composers and music publishers. Redefining the global standard for music royalties, PRS for Music ensures songwriters and composers are paid whenever their musical compositions and songs are streamed, downloaded, broadcast, performed and played in public. 

For 110 years it has grown and protected the rights of the music creator community, paying out royalties with more accuracy, transparency and speed. In 2023, PRS for Music paid out £943.6m in royalties and collected a record £1.08 billion in revenues.

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