JLS announced as Hardest Working Group of 2012

PRS for Music reveal the top performers of 2012

JLS have been re-crowned the most performed artists to headline at MAJOR VENUES for 2012 by PRS for Music.

The organisation which collects royalties on behalf of its songwriter, composer and publisher members has released its annual series of charts on the hardest working performers of the year categorised by venue type.

The popular boy band performed 34 shows in 2012 at major concert venues, Westlife came in second place with 31 performances, followed by the reformed Steps with 25. Olly Murs and Florence + the Machine were fourth and fifth respectively.

Other artists that performed regularly at major venues included Snow Patrol, The Wanted, Blink 182, George Michael, Ed Sheeran and Madness.

For the first year the charts have been split in terms of male and female performers. Olly Murs ranked number one with 21 performances in the male category with Florence + the Machine topping the female chart having performed 17 gigs. Nicki Minaj followed in second place with 14 UK gigs, with Cheryl Cole in third place with 10 gigs.

While 2012 may have been One Direction’s year, the group only managed to play 12 gigs in the UK, tying with The Black Keys and Il Divo.


We’re delighted to once again be crowned the hardest working band of the year.  2012 has been an awesome twelve months for us and it means a lot that so many of our fans have had a chance to see us perform live.  Thanks again for the support and we look forward to doing more in 2013.


JLS have once again demonstrated that they truly know how to engage with their massive fan base, performing live to as many of them as possible. Gigging is as important for the biggest performers as those starting out and it’s great to see that it is thriving in the UK. Congratulations to all the performers and their supporting songwriters who have together created the music that so many of us enjoy.

Barney Hooper, PRS for Music

Most Performances at a Major Concert Venue

Chart No. Artist/Performer No. of Concerts
1 JLS 34
2 Westlife 31
3 Steps 25
4 Olly Murs 21
5 Florence + the Machine 17
=6 Snow Patrol 16
=6 The Wanted 16
=6 Blink 182 16
=6 George Michael 16
=10 Ed Sheeran 15
=10 Madness 15

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