Statement on computer locking scam

PRS for Music alerted to internet virus or scam

PRS for Music has been alerted to the fact that some internet users have had their computers blocked after watching videos online with a message from ourselves and the Metropolitan police saying they would need to pay £50-£100 to have their computer unlocked.

This is an internet virus or scam and has nothing to do with PRS for Music or the police. We are currently investigating this issue.

We advise internet users to:

  • Not make any payment to have your computer unlocked
  • Update their anti-virus and firewall software
  • Alert their internet service provider if this problem persists
  • PRS for Music does not charge users to watch music videos online and never has. PRS for Music licenses directly sites such as YouTube to ensure creators are paid when their music is used online.

If you would like to report an online scam or virus please visit:

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