PRS for Music launches amateur sports clubs licensing consultation

Simplifying charges for not-for-profit amateur sports clubs

PRS for Music has announced the start of a formal customer consultation on a tariff for the public performance of its repertoire at not-for-profit amateur sports clubs.

These not-for-profit making organisations could see a reduction of almost 30% on a like for like licence basis.

PRS for Music has worked with the Sport and Recreation Alliance throughout 2011 and proposed a new tariff which it believes will simplify licensing whilst ensuring that the contribution of music creators to the sector is recognised.

The objective of the consultation is to allow amateur sports clubs the opportunity to share opinions on the proposed tariff.  The PRS for Music consultation will begin on Tuesday 24th January and last for 6 weeks.


The consultation intends to gather opinion from all relevant stakeholders, helping us ensure we’ve got the balance right between the needs of music creators and music users.   Amateur sports clubs are essential to community life and we want them to be able to use music wherever they need, especially as part of their fundraising activities.   We hope the proposed changes will be received positively and lead to a simplified and more cost effective licensing process. 

Keith Gilbert, Director of Public Performance Sales - PRS for Music 

Key changes proposed include the creation of ‘unlimited music events bundles’ for a flat annual fee and the simplification of how background music charges are assessed.

PRS for Music is inviting all amateur sports clubs and other interested stakeholders to be part of the consultation, details can be found on our website.

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