Partnership to sign breakthrough licensing deal

PRS for Music and SACEM work in partnership to sign breakthrough licensing deal with Emaar properties in Dubai

PRS for Music and SACEM have announced an agreement with Emaar Properties PJSC (“Emaar”) to license the public performance of music that accompanies ‘The Dubai Fountain’ - the water, light and music spectacle in Downtown Dubai, described as “The Centre of Now”.  The deal is the first significant public performance licence issued in the United Arab Emirates and a significant step forward in raising awareness and promoting the value of music rights in the Gulf.

At present, there is no local collecting society operating in the area, meaning that the creators behind music publicly performed including concerts, on television, radio or in films, do not receive royalties. PRS for Music and SACEM are now working together – and in co-operation with other rights holders world-wide - to provide businesses with the necessary information to understand licensing requirements that respect UAE law.

This new deal will ensure that those creators whose music is choreographed will now earn royalties when their music is used.  The Dubai Fountain, the world’s tallest performing fountain, uses a range of music from classical to contemporary Arabic and world music.


We are committed to ensure that our members’ receive royalties whenever their music is used and we are delighted with this first deal with Emaar Properties in the UAE for The Dubai Fountain. Creators rely on their royalties to continue to make the music we all love so this will be welcome news not just for PRS for Music members but also those represented through our global reciprocal agreements.


Among its 132, 000 members, SACEM has in fact 15,500 foreign right holders of which 5,000 are from the Arab World. Two years after the agreement signed with the Group Rotana Audiovisual, the agreement concluded with Emaar Properties is a new step towards the recognition and protection of the interests of Arab creators in the World.

Thierry Desurmont - VP, SACEM

As a public joint stock company that values intellectual property rights, Emaar is committed to upholding the implementation of all relevant copyrights across its entire spectrum of operations. The Dubai Fountain is today a must-visit tourist attraction in the city, and draws on the music of respected musicians from around the world for its spectacular performances. The partnership with PRS for Music and SACEM for the first public licence performance of its kind in the UAE will further ensure that the owners of the music will receive their rightful royalties. This marks a milestone for the music industry, and Emaar is privileged to be at the forefront in driving a positive initiative that values creative ownership.

Ahmad Al Matrooshi - MD, Emaar Properties PJSC

The Dubai Fountain is over 900 ft (275 metres) in length – equivalent to that of over two football fields – and about 25 per cent larger than The Bellagio Fountain in Las Vegas in area.  Over 6,600 lights and 25 colour projectors create a visual spectrum of over 1,000 different water expressions that appeal to visitors. Different combinations of water-forms of The Dubai Fountain perform to selected musical pieces – chosen from a range of classical to contemporary Arabic and world music.

Discussions have already begun with Emaar Properties regarding licensing requirements for its other properties and interests.

PRS for Music are working in partnership with SACEM and government authorities in the region, to help establish a local society. In the meantime they are looking to license direct to protect members’ rights in the UAE.

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