Memorandum signed to use latest version of CCID

CELAS, GEMA, SACEM, SACEM/DEAL, PRS for Music, PAECOL and ARMONIA sign Memorandum to use latest version of CCID

The European collecting societies GEMA, SACEM (with ARMONIA), PRS for Music as well as the agencies CELAS, PAECOL and DEAL have developed a new format to standardise files accompanying invoices. The Claim Confirmation & Invoice Details (CCID) standard version 13 will improve communication between licensors and licensees.

Version 13 of CCID brings a new standardised dispute reporting facility and greater transparency with respect to individual invoices. In addition, multiple currencies for usage and invoicing can also be shown. The benefits of these new features include improved data quality and also a higher level of efficiency as well as lower transaction and communications costs.

In a “Memorandum of Understanding”, the societies and agencies involved in the development have agreed to use the new CCID Version 13.


CCID Version 13 will enable us to simplify the licensing process – that is often regarded as complex – and make it more efficient. The new format is available as of now.

Alexander Wolf & Nick Williamson - CELAS

After DDEX MOU, this new one will largely contribute to the harmonization and standardization of data exchange between DSPs and societies. ARMONIA partners are already implementing this latest CCID version.

Michel Allain - SACEM
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