Airplay tracking technology launched in Malta

PRS for Music has announced a deal with Spanish based BMAT Music Innovation for music tracking services in Malta.

PRS for Music as the appointed collecting society in the country has responsibility for the collection of music licences and payment of royalties to Maltese members, and the international community of authors' societies.     

Beginning February 2011, BMAT will supply technology to track the 11 major radio and television stations in the country providing accurate logs of music usage. This will support and supplement airplay logs that PRS for Music already collects within the country. The deal is the first with BMAT, a company that already operates tracking services in numerous countries including the US and counts companies such as EMI, Telefonica and Intel as clients.  


We are committed to continually improving the service to all of our members worldwide and I’m delighted we’re partnering with BMAT to bring this innovation to Malta first.   The technology provided will ensure we have additional data to track and match the works of our members and those of sister societies, meaning more accurate distribution of royalties to all.  

Karen Buse - Director of International, PRS for Music

We monitor broadcast media in more than 50 countries worldwide with a multi million music title reference. We are very proud to partner with PRS for Music, with whom we share a common vision for transparent and accurate artists’ royalty distribution.

Alex Loscos - BMAT
Maltese members of PRS for Music will be shortly receiving information on how the monitoring system will work and local membership representative Martin Pursey will be assisting with the roll out of the programme. 
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