PRS for Music Pays £117m to Songwriter, Composer and Music Publisher Members

PRS for Music today published details of its first distribution of 2010 to members for the playing and performances of their music both in the UK and abroad.

The organisation distributes performing right royalty payments to its songwriter, composer and music publisher members four times a year and music creators will receive payment of their share of a distribution totalling £117m. PRS for Music also makes mechanical right royalty payments on a monthly basis to members.


  • In order to secure the distribution, PRS for Music analysed 13.8 million plays and performances of music. More than 532,315 individual musical works were identified as being performed and paid a royalty.
  • UK royalties account for 67% of the current distribution, with 33% coming from international markets, notably the US, The Netherlands and France.
  • In the past year the percentage of new female members has jumped 17% (on 2008) including Cheryl Cole, Alex Roots and Ellie Goulding who joined during 2009.

Robert Ashcroft, Chief Executive PRS for Music said: 

“With the challenges we have faced during the past year, PRS for Music has performed well for our members, collecting £623m. Combined with efficient operations this enabled us to distribute record royalty payments to the songwriters, composers and music publishers we represent.  
With a new structure in place and renewed efforts to protect and improve the environment for copyright, we are in the best shape to meet future challenges and continue representing our member’s rights.”

PRS for Music announced last month that 2009 royalty collections had risen to £623m with growth from international music use and online services. The approval of the 2009 accounts and the election of board directors will take place at the AGM on April 29. Philip Ball a freelance science writer and author of The Music Instinct: How Music Works, and Why We Can’t Do Without It, will be giving the keynote address.

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