Indy publishers and PRS for Music launch IMPEL

8 publishers sign up to pan-European licensing initiative

Following a memorandum of understanding signed at MIDEM 2009, PRS for Music has announced that the Independent Music Publishers’ European Licensing (IMPEL) initiative has launched as of 1st January 2010.

To date Conexion Music, Fairwood Music (UK), Hornall Brothers Music, Kassner Associate Publishers, Music Sales, Proof Songs, Red Ink Music and Reverb Music have signed up, with a number of others set to join the collective shortly.  IMPEL will directly license the Anglo-American online and mobile mechanical rights for the publishers along with the associated performing rights already represented by PRS for Music to a range of new and existing digital services.    

IMPEL is the first vehicle which allows a number of independent publishers to work together to take advantage of the EC cross border recommendation on collective licensing and it provides a convenient one-stop shop for licensees of this repertoire.



IMPEL offers a valuable and practical solution to independent publishers looking to exploit their rights across Europe.  PRS for Music has a proven track record in securing new licensing deals and I’m delighted we can deliver more music to European consumers through the IMPEL initiative.

Andrew Shaw MD Broadcast, Online & Recorded Media, PRS for Music

Pan-European online licensing can be complex and a potentially time-consuming issue for independent publishers. By acting collectively through IMPEL we can reduce the administrative burden on music users and licensees and ensure we get paid more accurately and sooner than if we’d gone through the sub-publisher network. IMPEL also ensures independent publishers comply with the EU directive to make pan-European online licensing easier.

Stuart Hornall of Hornall Brothers Music

IMPEL which follows the EU cross border licensing recommendation of 2005, cements PRS for Music’s position as the destination of choice for an online licence of independent music rights.

IMPEL is supported by the Music Publishers Association.

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