PRS for Music reaches historic agreement with BHA

British Hospitality Association and PRS for Music reach agreement over music played in hotel bedrooms

The British Hospitality Association (BHA) and PRS for Music have announced that they have reached an agreement over music played in hotel bedrooms, ending a long running dispute.

The BHA, the national trade association for hotels, restaurants and caterers, has agreed to advise their members to pay licence fees going forward for music played in hotel bedrooms, via TV, radio or any other device. A settlement has also been reached with respect to licence fees disputed in previous years.

PRS for Music, the organisation representing songwriters, composers and music publishers, had been in discussion with the BHA for many years about whether music played in a hotel bedroom is a public performance requiring a licence from the copyright owners (represented by PRS for Music).

The agreement follows several months of discussions and a European Court of Justice opinion confirming that certain uses of music in hotel bedrooms do require a licence from the copyright holders of that music.


We are delighted that we have been able to work with the BHA to reach a settlement. The provision of TVs and radios in hotel bedrooms is a clear benefit to hotels and their guests, and it’s good news that our members will now receive royalties for the use of their work.

Debbie Mulloy - Commercial Director, PRS for Music’s

It is good news that the hospitality industry will now have certainty about licences from PRS for Music for music in hotel bedrooms. This has been a very long standing dispute, but I am pleased it has been settled at last.

Bob Cotton - Chief Executive, British Hospitality Association

Licences for music in hotel bedrooms start from just £44 plus VAT per year, for 15 bedroomitality.

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