Comes With Music service extending to EU territories

PRS for Music, Chrysalis Music, peermusic, Sony/ATV, and Warner/Chappell Music support Nokia’s European Roll Out

PRS for Music, Warner/Chappell Music, Sony/ATV, Peermusic and Chrysalis Music Publishing today officially announced deals that are enabling ‘Nokia Comes With Music’ to roll out across the European Continent.

Warner/Chappell Music (WCM) confirmed they had worked with PRS for Music to issue Nokia with digital licenses through WCM’s PEDL Initiative. In addition, PRS for Music has administered a deal with Sony/ATV Music Publishing. PRS for Music has also concluded an agreement on behalf of peermusic covering their repertoires on a pan-European basis. Chrysalis Music confirmed that they had agreed a deal for PRS for Music to license its repertoire for the Comes with Music service on a pan European basis.


We are always trying to offer new music services a comprehensive and simple licensing solution. The zeitgeist of the digital age is to provide licensing solutions for new business models. I’m pleased we can offer such a wide and diverse repertoire to help Nokia extend Comes With Music further. This follows a deal announced at MIDEM where a series of independent publishers agreed to license their multi-territory rights collectively through PRS for Music.


Very early on in our discussions with Nokia we identified Comes With Music as a service which should be encouraged and supported. We worked hard to come up with this bespoke deal which offers fans unlimited access to music, whilst retaining value for rights-holders and opening up new opportunities for songwriters. Helping to facilitate innovative services like this one is a key advantage of our PEDL Initiative.

Jane Dyball - SVP, International Legal and Business Affairs, Warner/Chappell Music

We are very pleased to have been able to work with Nokia to provide our repertoire on a pan European wide basis for their innovative 'Comes with Music' service. This deal represents tremendous value for music fans while providing our songwriters with an important new revenue stream. We wish Nokia success with their roll out across Europe

Nigel Elderton - Managing Director, Peermusic UK

Customers who buy a Comes With Music device will be able to explore and enjoy a diverse catalogue of music of international and local artists with unlimited access to millions of tracks, keeping all the music they download and revolutionizing their digital music experience.

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