British songwriters share in record payout

PRS for Music publishes details of members’ royalty payments

PRS for Music, the organisation that collects royalties for songwriters and composers, today published details of members’ royalty payments for the performances of their music in the UK and abroad.

PRS for Music distributes royalty payments to members four times a year and from Monday members will receive payment of their share of a distribution totalling £117m* for the three months to 31 March 2009.

PRS for Music will hold its AGM on April 30, with a keynote address by Communications Minister Lord Carter.


  • In order to secure the distribution, PRS for Music analysed 19.7 million performances of music. More than 743,000 individual musical works were identified as being performed and paid a royalty.
  • UK royalties account for 65% of the current distribution, with 35% coming from international markets, notably the US, Germany and France.
  • Since 1998 the % of females joining PRS for Music to earn music royalties has jumped 30%.
  • Since 2006 (when Lilly Allen hit the charts) the % of new female members has jumped 20%.
  • Talks between PRS for Music and Google to discuss the licensing of YouTube following Google's decision to block premium video content on the service in the UK are yet to reach a satisfactory conclusion.
  • Britain’s creative industry employs two million people and contributes £60bn a year – 7.3% - to the British economy. 

* inclusive of VAT & UK income tax


PRS for Music exists to ensure the song writers and composers get paid when their works are played, performed or reproduced and I’m delighted we’ve been so successful in both promoting music use and paying those who created it.  These royalties sustain this vital UK industry; nurture new talent as well as enabling our members to earn while they continue to create the music we love.

Steve Porter, Chief Executive - PRS for Music
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