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PRS for Music Presents

PRS for Music presents… exhibiting the very best in live music.

Each session we’ll be hosting intimate performances from our new and established members playing top notch music in a unique setting.

We are extremely pleased to be able to finally open our doors and profile the outstanding musical talent we represent here at PRS for Music. Music brings business to life and in turn our customers support and enable our members to keep on creating the music we love, to be able to host these performances right on our doorstep is an absolute privilege. - PRS for Music’s Commercial Director, Paul Clements
These events give us the opportunity to present the fantastic work our members are producing. They allow us to invite a broad range of stakeholders to one place where they can experience our members’ music first hand and to understand how the PRS for Music licence fee contributes to the creation of great new music. - PRS for Music Head of Marketing Paul Sims
PRS for Music Presents: Marika Hackman and Dream Wife PRS for Music Presents: Speech Debelle, Jodie Abacus and Connie Constance PRS for Music Presents: D Double E, Lady Leshurr and Elf Kid in Streatham
PRS for Music Presents: Edinburgh PRS for Music Presents Summer Party Poster Belfast April 2016 event
Kings Cross Honne event Streatham event Kings Cross Premier event

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