When do I need to report my live performances by?

There are different deadlines depending on when and where you played.

Played? Get paid!

It’s important to make sure you've reported all your live performances, whether it's a gig, classical concert, DJ set or festival, in good time so you don’t miss out on any royalties you’re due. Below explains the different deadlines for different venues:

Small venues

If you’ve played a venue that is part of our Gigs and Clubs scheme, you have to report this setlist within one year of the performance. Typically, this includes pubs, bars and other small venues.

International & UK concert venues

For any concerts played internationally (excluding North America) or larger scale concerts played in the UK, you must report your setlist within three years of the performance. 

Performances in the US

We work with three societies in North America: ASCAP, BMI and SESAC, to collect your royalties there. You’ll need to choose one of these to represent your rights in that part of the world to ensure you receive all your live performance royalties. Find out more on the website.

Updates to setlist reporting

We make continuous updates to the setlist reporting experience for members, including improving venue search and behind-the-scenes data management.

We have also introduced major security updates to identify and prevent fraudulent activity to help ensure only members with earned royalties get paid. So if you're asked to provide additional information, don't worry, it's just part of our new validation process.

Over the coming months, more technologies will be deployed to help protect our members’ work, as well as new tools to improve the setlist reporting system.

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