We're paying out two distributions in December

Running two distributions again in 2021 will ensure we can maximise what we pay out to you at the end of the year. The second distribution will include multi-territory online royalties.

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In recent years we’ve run a second distribution* in December to process as much royalty information as possible and maximise the total paid out to you before the end of the year. We’re doing this again this year. 

This differs from the other distributions in April, July and October, where the distribution is paid on one date. 

Here’s the difference between the two December distributions and when they'll be paid out this year:   

Distribution 1: Wednesday 15 December 

This will include all royalty types, except for money from when your music is used on multi-territory online (MTOL) services, i.e. streaming services such as Spotify, Apple Music, YouTube etc. 

Distribution 2: Wednesday 22 December 

This will include money for music used on multi-territory online (MTOL) services only.

Find out more

Shortly before the first December distribution, we’ll be updating our Distribution Update page with specific detail of what payments will be included in both.

Key cut-off dates

December distributions

Need to update your bank account details beforehand? Edit those through your online account by Monday 22 November.

The next distribution

The cut-off date for registering works in time for the December distributions has now passed.

However, register your works by Tuesday 1 February and if you’re due payment, they’ll be processed in time for the next main distribution on Friday 15 April 2022. 

Take a look at the key dates throughout the year

*2012 was the first year we introduced a second December distribution. Since then, we’ve taken this approach in our distribution planning at the start of every year. 

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