Get Paid Guide: Take control of your music data

Find out how to register songs correctly so you don't miss out on any royalties.

Get Paid Guide. Your music, your data, your money.

What's data got to do with it?

We want to make sure you understand exactly what data you (and any co-writers) need to input after a song’s been written or recorded.  It’s this data which helps us track where your music is used and pay you what you’re owed.

What is the Get Paid Guide?

The Get Paid Guide is the resource to have by your side whenever you’re registering works with PRS or PPL. It’s a simple, easy-to-use, one-stop guide on what you need to do to ensure you get paid. A quick look at its short videos, data checklist and even a quiz will ensure you feel confident when inputting data for your musical works.

Who's the guide for?

We all need to better understand the importance of data when it comes to earning and paying music royalties. Music creators, publishers and managers are the first source of this music data, so we’ve created the Get Paid Guide, a joint project with the UK government, the Ivors Academy and the Music Publishers Association, to help make this first step seamless for you.

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