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Spotify: ‘there’s never been a better time for artists’

There’s never been a better time for artists to grow their audiences and cultivate valuable fan relationships, Spotify artist ambassador Bryan Johnson has said.

Anita Awbi
  • By Anita Awbi
  • 14 Aug 2015
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Speaking to M about the burgeoning global streaming market and Spotify’s place within it, Johnson said the platform has developed into a powerful promotional tool for artists.

‘I believe that we’re at an exciting point,’ he said. ‘There’s never been a better time for artists to directly build audiences, cultivate artist-to-fan relationships and allow people access to their music.’

Recent partnerships with Songkick and Bandpage also help artists increase merchandise and concert ticket sales through the streaming platform.

‘We want artists to benefit as much as possible from the platform and the tools on offer,’ he added.

‘It’s important for us to not only help drive listens of their music, but also to have a positive impact on other areas of their career such as touring and merchandise. When we look at the whole pie of an artist’s business, recorded music is one slice.’

He went on to say that the growth of Spotify has raised both a valid discussion on the value of music and helped to revitalise the industry after a prolonged downturn.

‘We’re finally coming out of a period of decline within the music industry and Spotify is helping to push things back in the right direction,’ he said.

‘To create a sustainable future for music, we all need to work together with one goal: to encourage people towards services that are licensed and well monetised.

‘The more people we can encourage to pay for and value music, the further into growth and sustainability we can take the industry as a whole, and drive benefits to creators in particular.’

Since launching in 2008, Spotify has paid out $3bn in royalties to rightsholders. It is now the second biggest source of digital music revenue for labels in Europe.

Johnson is part of the growing artist services team, which is mostly staffed by professional musicians and artists, and has artist ambassadors in the UK and across key territories around the world.

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Next week, Bryan will be sharing his top tips for songwriters and artists on how to build audiences and increase streams through Spotify. Check back for more…

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