Spotify has launched new feature Songwriter Pages in beta

Spotify is introducing a new feature designed to give songwriters more prominence and allow users to discover more of the music they enjoy. 

Bekki Bemrose
  • By Bekki Bemrose
  • 13 Feb 2020
  • min read

Currently in the beta stage of development, ‘Songwriter Pages’ will use metadata to compile a list of songs that an artist has written and the musicians who the songwriter has frequently collaborated with.

To make songwriters more discoverable on Spotify, participating songwriters’ names are now clickable in Spotify song credits. After clicking a name, users are then routed to an individual songwriter page, which includes a list of all the songs they’ve written and their most frequent artist collaborators.

Missy Elliott, Meghan Trainor and Fraser T Smith are among the first songwriters accepted onto the beta.

Jules Park, head of publishing, Spotify, said: ‘The launch of publicly visible songwriter credits on Spotify in 2018 was merely a first step. Together with the publishing industry, we’ve continued to evolve our data sharing and analytics efforts, and are proud to unveil this next iteration.’

In a blog post publicising the new feature, Spotify added that since the launch of song credits in 2018, they have seen a ‘60% increase in how often labels and distributors credit songwriters on their new releases’.

Spotify rival Tidal launched a similar feature last year.