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Roxanne de Bastion and David Lee elected as PPL Performer Directors

Singer-songwriter Roxanne de Bastion was re-elected, and horn player David Lee was elected for the first time, at PPL's Annual Performer Meeting last week.

Liam Konemann
  • By Liam Konemann
  • 28 Nov 2022
  • min read

Singer-songwriter Roxanne de Bastion was re-elected as a Performer Director, and horn player David Lee was elected as a Performer Director at PPL’s Annual Performer Meeting last week. Music manager David Stopps will now step down as a Performer Director after six years.

Roxanne and David will sit on both PPL’s main board alongside directors from major and indepdent record companies, as well as its dedicated Performer Board. PPL’s four other Performer Directors are Jackie Davidson MBE, Hannah Joseph,  Peter Thoms and Horace Trubridge.

PPL Chief Executive Officer Peter Leathem also presented the company’s positive 2021 financial results  at the APM. In 2021 PPL’s total revenues reached £252.8 million – a £27.1 million increase on 2020. All three revenue streams – International, Broadcast and online, and Public performance and dubbing  – grew year-on-year, with International and Broadcast and online licensing revenues delivering record annual amounts. A record number of performers and recording rightsholders were also paid – more than 146,500 received at least one payment in 2021, an increase of 12,000 on 2020.

Peter Leathem, chief executive officer at PPL, says, ‘The COVID-19 pandemic had a negative impact on the incomes of many artists and musicians in the UK and around the world, and now, with the current economic climate, many are facing further challenges. The £252.8 million we collected in 2021 is the second highest revenue total in our history and reflects the capability of PPL to maximise the revenue our members are due for the use of their recordings, so delivering a valuable, regular source of income in this tough economic climate.’

‘I am delighted to see Roxanne de Bastion re-elected to our board, and to welcome David Lee – congratulations to them both. I would also like to thank Peter Lale and David Stopps for standing in the election, both of whom received a commendable level of support from performers. As David now steps down as a PPL director, I would also like to express my appreciation for all his support, engagement and expertise over his time on the board, and your unwavering commitment to performers’ rights.’