Rare photos and audio from The Beatles and Coldplay unearthed

Rare and unseen photographs of The Beatles, The Doors and Coldplay are going on show at an interactive audio and visual exhibition in London this week.

Anita Awbi
  • By Anita Awbi
  • 18 Nov 2014
  • min read
Studio to Stereo, which opens on 20 November at Proud Galleries, will showcase behind-the-scenes pictures of seven bands hard at work in their recording studios.

Alongside a rare snap of the Fab Four, photos of Bob Dylan, Pink Floyd, The Doors and Tame Impala will also be on display.

The exhibition will be narrated by BBC Radio 6 DJ Tom Ravenscroft and will be supported by audio tracks of the bands recording as the pictures were taken.

It will be open for two weeks until 3 December and has been co-curated by Alex Proud of Proud Galleries in partnership with Sony.

Proud said: ‘Listening in hi-res audio while looking through the exhibition edit inspired the collection of photographs we have curated, it evoked a whole new experience of the songs.

‘Through this exhibition I’ve been able to explore the different and unique ways that artists set themselves up in the studio – you can now hear and see the magic. The rooms they choose, the way they set up the instruments and spread themselves across the space, the clothes they wear and the look they project while they’re recording, it all has an effect on the end sound.’

Ravenscroft added: ‘Exploring these classic songs from some of the world’s greatest artists in hi-res audio was like listening to them fresh from the studio – and that in turn meant that I could pick up subtleties, hear details I’d missed previously. It is a fab experience for music fans - bringing the imagery and sound together.’