PRS Foundation announces first PPL Momentum Sbardun | Accelerator recipients

Music creators ALEKXANDR, HMS MORRIS and Endaf receive PPL Momentum Sbardun | Accelerator grants of up to £5,000.

Liam Konemann
  • By Liam Konemann
  • 9 Dec 2022
  • min read

PRS Foundation has announced the first recipients of PPL Momentum Sbardun | Accelerator support, in partnership with Arts Council of Wales. ALEKXANDR, HMS MORRIS and Endaf will all receive grants for their creative projects. The first music industry professional to receive funding is Joshua Fielden.

PRS Foundation’s PPL Momentum Sbardun | Accelerator offers grants of up to £5,000 to talented Wales-based artists with a growing fanbase, currently working to establish a music industry team. Additionally, Wales-based future music industry professionals can apply for support of up to £2,000, which might include micro-grants, mentoring or other holistic support, to develop their skills and careers.

Artists and industry professional can find out more information and apply for PPL Momentum Sbardun | Accelerator support via PRS Foundation’s website. The next deadline to submit an application will be announced in 2023.

Becci Scotcher, Senior Grants & Programmes Manager at PRS Foundation, says, ‘Huge congratulations to Alekxandr, HMS MORRIS, Endaf and Joshua Fielden on receiving our PPL Momentum Accelerator support. This targeted support for Wales-based music creators and industry professionals will provide a direct injection of funds to enable each artist to develop their careers towards that next level tipping point and support those active and impactful individuals in the local music industry.’

Kate Reilly, Chief Membership and People Officer at PPL, says, ‘Congratulations to the first artists and professionals to receive funding through the PPL Momentum Sbardun | Accelerator programme. This accelerator, in addition to the existing grants available through the PPL Momentum Music Fund, will help early-stage music creators and professionals establish sustainable, long-term careers in Wales’ already thriving music industry. We have already seen artists in Liverpool and Yorkshire take advantage of the regional funding offered by PPL Momentum Accelerator and we look forward to seeing Welsh creatives also reap its benefits.’