PRS for Music and PPL announce their support for Music At Work Week

PPL and PRS for Music are among the latest industry names to announce their support for Music At Work Week.  

Maya Radcliffe
  • By Maya Radcliffe
  • 21 Nov 2019
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PPL and PRS for Music are among the latest industry names to voice their support for Music At Work Week.  

The aim of MAWW is to encourage employers to let staff to listen to music in the workplace in order to boost wellbeing and productivity.

An official press release for the Music At Work Week Campaign stated: 'Work-related stress and anxiety issues cost the economy billions of pounds each year. Over 15 million working days are lost in the UK each year due to health problems which are predominantly brought on by workload.’ 

The campaign was launched by academic and author Dr. Julia Jones, who has worked with Olympic teams, the NHS, governmental bodies and major brands and corporations around the world. 

Peter Leathem, chief executive, PPL, said: ‘The level of understanding around how our brains respond to music is increasing all the time. Back in 1940s, the BBC introduced the highly popular Music While You Work programme in order to increase productivity in factories during the war and the show went on to run for over a quarter of a century. Music At Work Week is a positive initiative, which allows for businesses and individuals to explore the potential benefits of listening to music as they go about their working day.’  

Andrea C. Martin, chief executive, PRS for Music, added: 'Study after study has shown how the right music can benefit the workplace - from the office to the factory floor, music improves staff morale and can boost productivity. With our colleagues across the industry, we support Music at Work Week and hope more businesses will discover the benefits music can bring.’ 

Speaking about PPL/PRS for Music’s involvement, Dr. Jones said: 'The campaign is gaining huge momentum. We are delighted to have the backing of the UK music industry- and thanks PRS For Music, PPL, UK Music and the ENO. Employers will be hosting choirs and musicians in the workplace and a competition to find the UK’s best office band and choir will be launched. We are calling them ‘Brainraves’ – events that can boost mental health in the workplace. Studies have proven that music can aid mental and physical health and stave off dementia.’ 

Music At Work Week is set to take place between November 25 - December 1 2019.