PPL international collections

PPL international collections hit record high of £86.7 million

PPL has today announced that it collected £86.7 million in international monies in 2019. This represented growth of £15.8m (22 percent) on the total achieved in 2018 (£70.9 million), a new high for the company.

Bekki Bemrose
  • By Bekki Bemrose
  • 7 Feb 2020
  • min read

PPL’s international collections business collects monies overseas for the playing in public and broadcast of recorded music on TV and radio, as well as for private copying.

It does this through over 95 agreements with collective management organisations (CMOs) across Africa, Asia, Europe, and North and South America.

In 2019, PPL’s collections covered approximately 96 percent of the global value of the neighbouring rights markets for performers, and 93 percent of the global value of the recording rightsholders’ market. These international collections are an important revenue stream for performers and recording rightsholders.

Laurence Oxenbury, director of international, PPL, said: ‘As music consumption increases around the world, in many different countries, PPL is well-positioned to continue getting music people paid. Our international collections are now a vital source of income that supports the music ecosystem, allowing performers to keep creating and developing, and recording rightsholders to support the artists that they represent. The last two years have been particularly successful, with a growth of 75 percent between 2017 and 2019.

This fantastic achievement is possible thanks to the talented artists and recording rightsholders who entrust us with their valuable rights. Our business is nothing without them and I am pleased that the team at PPL, working with our partner organisations around the world, have managed to continue to develop this revenue stream for them.’