Jane Dyball

MPA CEO after Brexit vote: 'be gentle with us'

Jane Dyball, chief executive of the MPA Group of Companies, has urged the government to ‘be gentle with us’ following last week’s Brexit vote.

Anita Awbi
  • By Anita Awbi
  • 30 Jun 2016
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Jane Dyball, chief executive of the MPA Group of Companies, has urged the government to ‘be gentle with us’ following last week’s Brexit vote.

Addressing the Music Publishers Association’s (MPA) Annual General Meeting (AGM) yesterday (29 June), she said that actions which risked dismantling the ‘truly international business’ of music publishing would prove both ‘hard and expensive’.

Dyball also stressed the importance of maintaining solid relationships both at home and across the continent.

‘To those who voted differently to us, it’s time to be friends again,’ she said. ‘To our European colleagues who have made the UK their home, we still love you. To the EC with whom we have had a love hate relationship we say “you haven’t seen the last of us – everything you do affects our truly international business”.

‘To those governing us in the UK, we say “be gentle with us. We have adapted our businesses wholesale over the past 40 years and are true Europeans. It will be hard and expensive for us to dismantle our world”. To the marketplace we say “we are a business ready willing and able to adapt.”’

Elsewhere, Dyball revealed the key results from a wide-ranging report to MPA members, which focused on innovation and growth.

The findings point to an increase of sync licensing revenues across the publishing sector to £52m in 2015, more than twice that received by record labels in the same year.

They also reveal that A&R spending at publishers is now on a par with record companies.

Dyball said: ‘A&R investment by British music publishers is at an all-time high and, give or take the odd million, equal with that spent by British record labels.

‘We also know that British music travels well, that international revenues are increasingly important, and that there is a huge demand for placement of our members’ repertoire in adverts, soundtracks and other commercial backdrops.

‘In fact, and this wasn’t actually published in UK Music’s findings, but the value of sync revenue and direct licensing received by our members in 2015 was some £52m - more than twice that received by record labels.’

The AGM, which took place at London’s Royal Institution, saw seven MPA members stand for six elected director vacancies on the MPA board.

Richard King (Faber Music), Simon Platz (Bucks Music Group), John Minch (Imagem UK), Stuart Hornall (Hornall Brothers Music Ltd), Crispin Evans (Cote Basque Music Publishing), and David Kassner (Kassner Associated Publishers) were all re-elected to the board.

Also announced were recipients of 2016’s Richard Toeman Scholarship, with Clemmie Woodhouse (Universal Music Publishing) and Grace Roberts (Institute of Contemporary Music Performance) winning the publishing and student categories respectively.

Read Jane Dyball's AGM speech in full: http://www.mpaonline.org.uk/mpa_news/mpa-agm-ceos-report-29th-june-2016