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Industry experts offer free advice for aspiring music creators

Are you an aspiring music creator? Find out all you need to know about the music industry with free webinars from PRS for Music and GIRL GRIND UK.

Maya Radcliffe
  • By Maya Radcliffe
  • 4 Aug 2021
  • min read

PRS for Music is partnering with GIRL GRIND UK to inspire the next generation of musical talent.

As part of PRS for Music’s educational outreach programme, two exclusive ‘How To Advance Your Career’ webinars, presented in collaboration with GIRL GRIND UK, will take place online on Wednesday 18 August and Wednesday 25 August, at 6pm and 7pm respectively.

The free webinars are aimed at women, girls and non-binary songwriters, composers, producers and artists at any stage in their career. PRS Foundation funded singer-songwriter, Cariss Auburn, will join PRS for Music and GIRL GRIND UK on Wednesday 18 August. The second workshop will focus on mothers in music, with Mary Leay, whose writing credits include Cher and Becky Hill, joining the session on Wednesday 25 August. Leay is co-creator of Mamas in Music and is passionate about helping and inspiring other mothers in the music industry.

Now more than ever, musicians are taking a DIY approach to creating, releasing and exploiting their art. Some are self-releasing music with hope of securing a future record deal, while others see it as a long-term strategy for their careers. In these webinars, PRS for Music’s outreach team and GIRL GRIND UK will discuss what creators need to know in today’s complex world of music, funding available to help advance their careers, and ultimately, how to succeed in the music business.

As a membership society, PRS for Music represents songwriters, composers, and music publishers in the UK and beyond, championing their rights and helping to make sure that they are paid whenever their music is streamed, downloaded, broadcast, performed or played in public. GIRL GRIND UK’s mission is to pioneer a movement for Black and Asian Ethnic Minority communities. It inspires, rejoices, and cultivates women, girls and non-binary people along their personal and professional grind.

Claire Rose, outreach manager, PRS for Music, said: ‘We are excited to collaborate with Girl Grind UK and hope these events will be inspiring and empowering. These evenings are designed for music creators at all points in their careers – whether they have just written their first song or juggling being a mum and a musician. As a membership organisation, we don’t just distribute royalties. We’re also here for our members to turn to for advice and education.’

NAMYWA, founder, GIRL GRIND UK, added: ‘What a time to be a woman in music; a woman with self-agency and a woman with a strong sense of her career direction. This partnership between Girl Grind UK & PRS supports up and coming and established women in music to thrive, be educated and own their sauce. More often than not, the West Midlands gets a bad rep, but together we are closing the regional gaps, and showing face!’

To reserve a free space, book a ticket online:

PRS for Music and GIRL GRIND UK presents: How To Advance Your Career
Women in Music - Wednesday 18 August 2021 at 6pm

PRS for Music and GIRL GRIND UK presents: How To Advance Your Career
Mothers in Music – Wednesday 25 August 2021 at 7pm